Garden Ideas

Garden on a Budget

While outdoor home gardens take time and effort, they can be great fun, and can promote energy and health. While they require money and time, they don’t have to break the bank. There are many ways to keep your garden growing, healthy, and spruced up with items that you already have at home or can easily acquire. Here are some useful tips on how to easily groom and grow your outdoor garden with minimal cost.

Outdoor gardening is often about resourcefulness. There’s really no reason to buy new, pricey decorative and building items for your outdoor garden. Most of us have items all around our home that sit cast aside and unused. Plus you can find gems at craft stores, garage sales, thrift stores, and vintage shops. There are endless ways to create an interesting and colorful garden through upcycling projects.gardening ideas

Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping ideas that make use of old tires, ceramics, leftover wood, and much more are readily available. All it takes to turn your garden into a work of art is some research, thoughtful questions and creativity. Turn painted tires into colorful pots for plants or old jars and cans into hanging plant holders. From old baskets and boots to vases and more, get creative with your clutter.

You want a comfortable, intimate garden in which you can relax, but you probably don’t want to spend money expanding and digging around your home. You especially don’t want to sacrifice any of your beautiful lawn that you enjoy using with your family. You don’t need to create new space to have a beautiful, easy-to-maintain garden. There’s no need expand or dig; you can make space by utilizing and arranging what you already have, and making the garden part of, or an extension of, your home.

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Patio Garden

A patio can be the perfect space for a small garden. Simply arrange your potted plants in an attractive, but efficient manner, or add a plant box that suits your patio’s shape. The same can be done with a walkway. Flowers, vegetable and fruit plants, bushes, and more can be arranged so that the garden does not take up an entire area of space but instead perfectly complements your existing landscaping. Remember that you need to care for your entire yard together as a whole; use lawn weed control services to make sure those weeds don’t transfer into your new garden areas.

Your leftover food can act as nourishment for your garden. Items like banana peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, and more are cheap, natural ways to keep your outdoor garden healthy.

Banana peels, for example, can be the perfect natural deterrent for gardeners struggling with pests. Add some to your soil to see a noticeable reduction in insect activity. Eggshells are also a deterrent, particularly for bugs that crawl over the dirt. Eggshells are also useful as part of your compost, as are coffee grounds. Used coffee helps strengthen and fertilize the soil, as long as it’s not overused.

Whether you have a garden or you want to grow one, there are plenty of ways to grow the garden of your dreams without setting aside a large, separate budget that puts a dent in your home’s income. Skip buying new potting, planting décor, fertilizer, and soil improvement. Try the less expensive, more personal approach. Visit Pinterest, DIY forums, and your local home improvement stores to find interesting, affordable ways to keep your outdoor garden alive and well. Go on, and get creative with less cash.